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Head vice

I’ve been out doing garden work for EIGHT hours. Okay, there’s been several sitting breaks (staring at nothing). And one short dinner break, but other than that, it’s been outdoors and either biking until I nearly fainted (when I got back home), or clipping trees, or planting new tomatoes. Pretty sure I am dehydrated from heat and almost no drinking, ‘cept for a tiny ice latte and two glasses of water. Only went to the loo twice all day, and that can’t be good.

Head is killing me, not with a classic headache but one of those that feels like your head is caught in a vice. Less pain, more pressure.  Slightly dizzy. Very tired.

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Spent another 5+ hours outside today. Am I turning into some kind of functional gardener?!  Bad news, though; we have a giant lice/aphid infestation. The fruit trees are so covered that half the leaves on the tree are crumbling inward (before dying) from all the lice, and I saw some rosebushes today with the same problem. Haven’t checked our own. I was never good with roses. Learned how to make clippings from them today, though. And from rhododendrons.

Did some digging under the plum tree, and put a handful of year old shoots in a bucket of dirt, to see if they will take root. That might be fun, if they do. Did the same with some red currants, which I know should work, but will take a bit of time either way.  I should really go ham on that in a few months, after berry season is done.  I would really like to do some plant trading with the locals.

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