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This post contains several references to the Harry Potter universe, because I needed to vent my pained feelings to somebody who would know what I meant when I use the Cruciatus curse to describe a particular kind of pain. 


I was at the dentist’s some 12 hours ago, and fixed three more molars* (whole bottom jaw has now been tortured through), and now only have two more appointments to go before I am hopefully out of that office for YEARS to come (unlike previous years, with all the breaking and cracking of molars**).  The local anesthetic*** lasts for about 5-6 hours, and I started to feel tiny twinges of pain in the middle molar (of those fixed) around that time. “Oh no”, I think to myself, as I have already gone through more than a month of not being able to chew properly with the left side of my mouth because of similar pains in the opposite molar, “Good thing I`m going back there tomorrow anyway”.  After a few hours of small twinges now and then, there’s a slight pause. “It’s over!” I hope. And then the mother of all pains shoots through my tooth, and it is like being hit with the Cruciatus curse for a millisecond before being almost immediately let go again.  And as you stand there, trying to catch your breath, someone hits you again, and even though you were merely hit by the curse for a millisecond, you can feel the ghost of the pain shooting through your whole body, immobilizing you before turning you into a quivering mess, anxiously waiting for the next twinge.  Sometimes a few minutes pass inbetween, sometimes almost an hour. Maybe you start to forget. And then it hits you again; A short burst each time, but it’s enough to drive you mad.


*  Including a couple of baby teeth, as I have 2 of those instead of proper teeth because my body is stupid.
**  Seriously, I was breaking whole teeth once a week for a while!
***  Not mentioned: My crippling needle phobia and how I have bravely (and less bravely) defied it more times during the past three months than the Potters defied Voldemort.


PS:  My dentist is new (to me) and he is infinitely better than my many other ones, even though he always insists on sticking a needle in me.  At least he does a proper job, even IF my nerves end up being effed up in the process. ;_;
PPS:  I am going back tomorrow to fix yet another tooth, and HOPEFULLY I can get something done. But if it is anything like the left side, it cannot be fixed. I`d rather lose my whole tooth than go on for days (or MORE??) with this.
PPPS:  I am not writing this to get pity, it was quite therapeutic to just get it out in writing.  I just really needed someone to understand what I mean when I describe a tooth ache by using the Cruciatus curse.


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