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Obsessing about music is slightly less disturbing

than all the other things I often end up obsessing over.


So this has been an ODD week.   I think I might have acquired one new song per day to obsess over, or at least it feels like it.  Might’ve been every other day over two weeks, instead of one.  tbh, I`m fuzzy.  I haven’t been sleeping much.


Ramin Djawadi – Mhysa

I don’t watch Game of Thrones (I`m saving it, gdi!), but I almost always try listening to music on my Tumblr dash in case it is any good, and quite often it is. Mhysa is one of those I clicked on earlier today.  It’s only been a couple of hours, but it has been playing on almost consecutive repeat since then.


Ramin Djawadi / The National – The Rains of Castamere

Are you KIDDING ME, Matt Berninger sings a song from Game of Thrones?? *happy face*  Seriously, Matt’s voice is TO DIE FOR (horrible joke is horribly too soon) and I have loved this band for about a year, now.  I didn’t even know they were an indie rock band, which they are according to Wiki.  What does indie even mean, does this make me a hipster or something? *puts on sunglasses but decides against it as it makes typing confusing*  I was introduced to their beautiful song Fake Empire through a certain someone’s Twitter, and have listened to every single song on their discography since then (but Fake Empire is still my favorite).  That Matt sings the already beautiful song The Rains of Castamere just makes me love him (and his voice) even more.


Halia Meguid – Ravenstag

Halia wrote this wonderfully dark song inspired by the TV show Hannibal.  It has only been out for a week, and it is absolutely beautiful.  It was the only thing I could listen to earlier today, as I tried to go to sleep in the morning hours with noise and sunlight all around.



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