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After ten years of my dad playing his favorite classical music over and over (and then whistling the tunes over and over without noticing), it became a bit much. Not that I hate the music itself or anything (I really do love it), but too much is too much.  There is a limited number on how many times I can hear Vivaldi’s Four Seasons without tiring of it, as it is with all other music.  It’s a shame, really.  Because I still love these old tunes (like Für Elise; still one of my favorites), they just don’t resonate right.



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“Since I, in my freedom-induced stupor, have done nothing lately of any interest  (that I can remember), I`ve decided to make a silly little list out of some silly little things in my life.   I shall call this list weird facts of the day or something like that, and deny any connection to my person should anyone demand it.  I shall also make more lists of a similar kind, should anyone ever want that.  Though I highly doubt it.


List of t’day:   Piano stuff..


*  I went to piano school for 4 years when I was reeeally young, with the single goal to learn My Heart Will Go On.  Then I quit.

*  After I quit, I forgot everything I`d learned (exept for Elysium & Pink Panther & the first half of My Heart Will Go On).

*  The summer before I started living in the boarding school (in 2005, I think)  I managed, for the first time since piano school, my first C with my left hand, playing children’s songs.  After that break-through, I started playing regularly again, and I`ve been self-taught ever since.

*  I am now obsessed with trying to play every single song I like, be it easy or hard.  If it’s too hard for me (like it usually is), I tone it down to an easier level and instead make it sound more schmanzy than it is.

*  After I got my iPhone a year ago, I started recording myself.  This started the trend of learning sometimes two new songs every day, record them, then forget about them.

*  I can only learn by ear, or by mimicking someone else.  I am severely sheet-dyslectic and I suck at improvising  (though I`m getting better).

*  If I learn a song by muscle memory, I can only play it that one way.

*  I usually play the same five songs over & over and then get bored. .

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