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I just finished watching Peter Pan 2: Return to Never Land

And gosh darnit, I really liked this movie!

How can this be?  How is it that I enjoyed a friggin’ sequel  to a classic Disney movie??  I didn’t even like the original!  (What I can remember of it, that is..)   It was all rather odd, and though I can rightfully blame my current PMSing for the welling tears of emotion, I think my enjoyment was actually more because of being able to relate to a character.  Y’know, that is really what most of the movies go for.  They want you to relate to a character, because it makes it more realistic.  But in my case,  I could never really relate to any of the flimsy princesses and daring heroes.  I thought for a while that I was like Belle, but upon further inspection I soon realized that we actually have nothing in common, except for both being brainy book-a-holics.  She wants adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere (and she wants it more that she can tell!), while I am perfectly happy staying at home, thank you very much!

Well, anywho, I liked it.  It might be because of the wannabe cool grownup girl, and it might be because of the slapstick humor, or it might be because of the not-so-subtly Disney-fied deaths and locusts.   It was all really weird.



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