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Stearinlys er fint å ha~


All electricity suddenly disappeared for two hours over here.  How lovely.  My landlord (or whatever you call the people in charge of the building) had forgotten to mention that the maintainence people were going to do exactly that while fixing something outside.

Oh well, I had a brand new book to spend my time with, no worries.



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Sooo… I really haven’t been around much lately, and I felt it was about time to write something over here.

I`ve been changing my life a lil’ bit around these last 3 weeks, and stuff I usually had endless time for (like the forums and my Blog) have been shoved to the side.  I feel kind of bad for not even telling my friends why I’m suddenly not there anymore, it’s just that I don’t want it on paper.  Because whenever I write something like that down, everything burns to the ground.  And since I am quite happy with my “new” life, and real proud of myself for being the instigator for something that is now including nearly my whole family (the kids ‘n all), I shall refrain from doing so.

Actually, it all started one night not so very long ago, with an excruciatingly painful cramp in my right leg…


To shortly sum up most of it: 

Started swimming again.   Got a great chunk of the family in on it.

Turned the days around.

Started tutoring my name-sister / Got a job

Almost halved my intake of stuff I should lay off

Began baby-sitting the youngest of the 6 children in my family

Started playing two very addicting computer games

Quit half my classes, and started enjoying Arts again


Sooo…  I`ll still be lurking about.   Rarely.

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