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I`m gonna watch Wallander for the first time.  The British Wallander, mostly because of a certain someone.  I`ll try to marathon through the three first episodes in a row. It’s my first time (though I have seen & read the Swedish ones long ago) and I shall of course live-blog in between the intermittent screams of excitement and yawns of boredom that I can currently foretell.  Gird your loins, for there will be ladyboners all over the place!

But not just yet, I`ll rather make one big post than several little tidbits of repetitive squealing and descriptive clawing at the screen.


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supposed to be sleepy now but

Die Hard was on TV and I don’t know what happened

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I just downloaded a program called Dark Room, so that I won’t be bothered by a bright white background in my eyes while I`m noting jotting down whatever.

Plus, now I can live-blog my movies without  closing or opening the windows because of the very annoying light-issues!  Yay~

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I just finished watching Peter Pan 2: Return to Never Land

And gosh darnit, I really liked this movie!

How can this be?  How is it that I enjoyed a friggin’ sequel  to a classic Disney movie??  I didn’t even like the original!  (What I can remember of it, that is..)   It was all rather odd, and though I can rightfully blame my current PMSing for the welling tears of emotion, I think my enjoyment was actually more because of being able to relate to a character.  Y’know, that is really what most of the movies go for.  They want you to relate to a character, because it makes it more realistic.  But in my case,  I could never really relate to any of the flimsy princesses and daring heroes.  I thought for a while that I was like Belle, but upon further inspection I soon realized that we actually have nothing in common, except for both being brainy book-a-holics.  She wants adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere (and she wants it more that she can tell!), while I am perfectly happy staying at home, thank you very much!

Well, anywho, I liked it.  It might be because of the wannabe cool grownup girl, and it might be because of the slapstick humor, or it might be because of the not-so-subtly Disney-fied deaths and locusts.   It was all really weird.


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… but completely forgot it, in the process of writing what I wanted to.

Tron bag







How Tron: Legacy is affecting my life this week:

I want to make my own, glowing clothes.  I desperately WANT several of Jeff Bridges’ awesome costumes from Tr2n, and I`m willing to take out a year of education to be taught the process.  No, seriously!  I`ve been studying the techniques behind the awesome Tron Bags for days now, slapping myself repeatedly for not paying more attention in Tech-class when I was 15, and debating whether or not my wallet can handle the stress.  Also, I`m slightly depressed about not knowing about Tron Lines when I started this year of school.  If I had, my sewing project would NOT have been the red mess it is now.  It would’ve been made of AWESOME!


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Oppdatering for dagen idag:


Alle fire søstre (inkl.meg) pluss mamma var her hos farmor.  Med barn.  Stress.

Kort pause + middag.   Sliten og i veldig dårlig humør.

Dro på kino med Christian.  (Han som ga meg Harry Potter-arret i panna mi.)

Så Avatar i 3D.   Litt skuffet.  Veldig awesome.

Ble kjeftet på av fyr fra en leilighet utafor.  Vi aner fortsatt ikke hvorfor.  Scary.

Sliten nå, men hyper på Mentos-sukker.  Vil sove.  Trenger å løpe.


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Those in cursive have been on my list for months already.

Oh, and it’s descending.  I had spare time.


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Well, DUH. I mean, DUH!!


Wohoo! This one looks hilarious!

Easy A

I need to watch this one. o.o

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Been waiting for months..


This one looks funneh!  Deppish!

The Last Airbender

I`m not even a fan of the franchise (or Shamalaiaman) but I WANT this!


My fav story.  Can’t wait to see how the Disney-stars will butcher it.

Charlie St.Cloud

Hey, I didn’t even know it was Efron!


Chris Nolan, behbeh!  It’s The Dark Knight without the caped crusader!

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Can’t be a geek without it.

Legend of the Guardians:  The Owls Of Ga’Hoole

I can just FEEL the orly jokes coming up..


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