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img_6372Made myself some delicious veggie sushi rolls!  I’ve never made anything with nori seaweed before, so the whole experiment was really all about figuring that out.

I used lots of carrot, paprika, some green onion stalks, fried eggs, and various green herbs from the garden.

What the first roll lacks: Soy sauce, celery, radish (from the garden) and maybe some white onion.

Note for the future:
Do not prepare rolls when the rice is still hot.  The smell gets a bit strong.



The second roll has less rice in it, but also a bit more of everything else. Plus the radishes and soy sauce. I also added some sausage on the side to taste. It was all quite delicious, but I still wish I had any kind of celery, and could fit even more carrot into the rolls.

I wonder if portobello mushrooms would be too much at once. Or if I could roll the whole thing without using rice, and rather have that on the side.  To be honest, maybe the whole thing should just be made into bite-sized side-dishes with rice.  Or just a salad.


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Jeg har ihjel-stekt noen grønnsaker av typen “ymse kål”, kombinert med bittelitt kjøttdeig jeg hadde liggende, chili-powder for days, og brukt denne som basis for tre dagers måltid. Først som pizza-fyll (med masse ost, og tomat- + paprikapure), idag som det samme, men med knekkebrød istedenfor pizzabunn. Tror også jeg lagde litt makaroni igår, og blanda tomat- og paprikasausen med dem. Grønt på toppen. Det så ærlig talt ganske fult ut, men smakte jättegott.


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 Last time I checked, plums were not supposed to be larger than peaches.

And these things are the size of APPLES.


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I`ve been wanting to make/eat apple cake all week.  Actually, it’s more like I`ve always wanted apple cake, but it just recently got a bit more urgent with all these apples taking up space on my tiny kitchen counter.  So I transported most of the before-mentioned apples down to my mum’s place, and we spent the day making cakes and other stuff. 

Eff yeah, delicious apple cake!


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Ut med båten i nydelig vær.

Det er altfor varmt innlands uansett.


Og på fjorden ble vi hele dagen, med sol og sjøbris i skjønn forening.


Vi la til kai på Løvøya, og ble der til sola gikk ned.


Fersk makrell til kveldsmat er luksus.

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I just realized that this pic makes it look like this is my daily intake or something, hah!  No no, this is about two weeks worth of shopping, more or less.

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