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Promt:   What’s the most awkward moment you’ve ever experienced at a family gathering?

Do I really look like a mom? I don't think so..


When I was mistaken for being the baby’s mom by every available distant family member during the naming ceremony (a tradition).

Although there  was some family resemblance, I was only 12-13 years old at the time.  Aw~kward!

Edit: OOH, I even got a picture (that I`m willing to share) of the two of us together!

Omg I have brown hair.


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Promt:  You have to rewrite “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” – what do you rename the title characters?

In my story, it does not end well for Snow.

Because in my version, it’s Sleezy, Wheezy, Cheesy, Crazy, Lazy, Curvy & Pervy who lives in the big house out in the dark woods!  The deep woods… where no one can hear an underage Disney-girl’s screams of terror…

The de facto leader of the house, but usually busy out in the garden doing you-don’t-really-wanna-know. When not, he’s constantly leaning on someone, being sleezy. He really can’t help it, poor bugger.

The leader of the group, but usually unable to speak due to excessive smoking for several decades. Loves to make up rules based on no logic whatsoever.

Twin brother of Sleezy and Wheesy and Easy. (The latter died in a rather unfortunate accident involving an umbrella and a peacock.)  Loves poetry, romance and trends! Original founder of Hot Topic.

No logic. No mind left. Mercury poisoning, drug-abuse, mental instability… You name it, he has it!  Will do anything for a Klondike Bar. Anything.

Curvy’s older sister. If you manage to move her even an inch, you will receive a special price. (Snow did, once. It was not pretty.)

Boob-bastic little she-devil. The one who’s supposed to do the necessary dealings of the household. As the only (moving) female, she felt very “loved” in the house before Snow arrived.

Son of Sleezy and Curvy.
Grew up chained to a pole, and has a natural connection with Crazy. If the latter lets the former off the chain, any nearby village is thoroughly doomed.

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Promt:  Happy birthday! What’s your special drink, meal or dessert?


Jeg ville gått for enhver type kake, men det er sjokoladekake som ruler min kakeverden.  Spesifikt min egen, hjemmelagde sjokoladekake.  Ikke fordi den er no bedre enn andre sjokoladekaker (tvert imot), men fordi den nesten klarte å bli rutine etter et par år.  Jeg lagde den selv fordi jeg, i min ungdomstid, pleide å bo alene på hytta i sommerferiene, og feiret derfor bursdagene mine der for meg selv.  Med kake.  Som jeg laget selv.

Sånn ellers, så er farmors, mammas og middelsøs’s brownie-kaker de beste i hele verden.  (Alle tre er på samme oppskrift, men forskjellige.)  Så jeg sier heller ikke nei takk til dem på bursdagen, spesielt siden jeg ikke lenger ferierer på hytta.  Men det være en sjokoladekake.

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Promt:  What’s your favorite Winter Olympic sport to watch?

Figure Skating, Men & Single Runs

Explain my choice, you say?  You mean, besides the obvious reason of gawking at scantily clad, lean & muscular physiques?  It’s my favorite sport, period.  I HAVE to watch my figure skating (though not necessarily single runs) or I stay cranky until the next season.  (That happened.)

Well, I care very little about the Olympics in general, so I actually prefer watching the World- and European- and National Championships instead.

Oh, I could write tons about what I love best, who I love best, and what I know best, but let me just shorten it up..  The graceful beauty of Plushenko and his lovely Axels.  There.  All three, and even combined!

Hmm, there should be a picture here..

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Promt:  What type of person are you?  A night owl or early bird?

I`m a night owl.

I am made for staying up late.  Even after weeks of trying to turn my hours the right way, I still won’t fall asleep before 2am or wake up anytime before 11am!  No matter how I try (and believe me, I have tried!) I still can’t get it right!

I am made for late nights and even later mornings.  Which is why I`m really glad that I sometimes get to work night shifts that end at 4 in the morning!  Like tonight..  It’s tailor fit for my sleeping pattern, with no real hard work, AND I get paid for it!   Life is good sometimes.

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What animal’s nature special would you gladly spend an hour watching?

I’d watch several nature specials on cats!

It’s easy to answer, but hard to choose.  I absolutely love nature programs, documentaries and animal shows, and would gladly watch several hours of them.  Cats are just my default favorite, because cats are made of awesome.  And they’ve got the coolest variety of any species.


Oh, and this kitty is identical to my old cat!  (Or, it would be if you exchanged the eyes with clear blue, and the hiss with a calm face.)


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Promt:  What’s the best way to listen to music?

Headphones, because your ears need more damage done to them!

Although I love blasting the speakers of any car I can, there’s just something better about headphones..  Mainly the fact that they are made for blasting out sounds in higher quality, straight into your ears!

The fact that I`m currently loaning a pair of extra high quality headphones (resulting in some serious hearing damage) might have something to do with me being biased.  But hey, I`d answer headphones any day!

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