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Rain, rain, and even more rain.  Truly, I don’t remember such stereotypical dark & dreary autumn weather hitting us like this in a very long while.  This time last year, the sun was shining and the grass was still green and soft.  Now, there are mud patches everywhere, rivers of water through the streets, and gale winds almost every day and night.  Dryness is a rare and distant concept.  I bless my thick socks and numerous articles of wool clothing, and try to keep the chill out of my bones.

Only a week ago, we had orange and yellow leaves! If there is any color left in this world by the time this rain ends, my guess is that it will all be in the brown-to-dirt range.  Isn’t there a scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where the Whomping Willow shakes off a single leaf, and then the whole foliage suddenly drops to the ground, leaving a naked and shivering tree?  It’s just like that.



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