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I don’t know, dude.  I`m not always that good with using my words well.  I usually write when I feel down and/or frustrated in some way. But that is also when finding the right words become increasingly difficult, and you’re left nearly speechless.  So it’s a fine balance to tread, the need to express, and the inability for sufficient expression.  Usually, I just have to remove myself from the whole situation for a while, and then deal with it in a way that allows for catharsis and release.  But when you’re stuck in a summer house with several people who constantly make everything harder for you to deal with, it gets kinda difficult to deal.  And thus we find ourselves back to where we began, using our words.  When using our words prove insufficient because the other parts of the equation don’t follow the regular rules, and 2+2 makes a pie instead of a 4, then what are we to do?  Do we agree with the pie-making, or do we insist that 2+2 is, indeed, 4?


In other news;

Apparently it’s not a “real” nightmare unless it’s what other deem “normal”.


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