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There will be Tumblr-related randomness!


I`m having some rather serious trouble with my fangirl reactions.  After two weeks offline, I`m almost completely unable to handle certain news and pictures (etc) without sudden outbursts of tears, flailing, sqee-ing, sobbing, and other rather extreme reactions.

I had JUST learned to calm the heck down before the hiatus happened, and now all my self control has gone to hell in a handbag!

I’m currently doing my very best to NOT look at all the videos & clips, news and articles about the stuff I particularly enjoy.  I just can’t handle it properly, and I`d rather not go on The Rollercoaster Of Emotional SeaSickness if I have a choice in the matter.  FYI;  the avoiding  is actually rather difficult, and I failed miserably  last night.  Here’s a toast to self control!  May it be ever in our favor!


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