limericks from chat

For some reason, we started making rap lyrics in Discord chat. And I, of course, had to make limericks. It’s the only way I know how to rhyme well, apparently.

There’s this guy with an infectious grin
he’s really good on violin
his improv is great
but my timezone is “late”
I stay up far too long for the strim

I know that I sometimes act mean
see, in social matters I’m really quite green
But, in my defense,
I consider you “friends”
and I don’t want to look like a drama queen

This goes on for a little while. This is all happening at 3am, btw.

Why is it we started to rhyme?
It’s too late, I ain’t got the time.
I just want to sleep.
I`m so tired! *weep*
It’s your fault, my partners in crime.

[insert some comment like “and the winnter is”]

Wait, this was all competition?
I didn’t know it was a mission…
I just started rhyming
and playing with timing.
Stop spreading infectious indecision!


I made lamb ragu with macaroni. For some reason, lamb meat is currently cheaper than everything else, including pork and chicken. It tastes amazing, but it feels like eating a fancy steak on cheap paper plates; Something is a little bit off.  It’s not bad, though.  (I think it’s because the taste of lamb reminds me of fancy Sunday family dinners at certain times of year.)


My grandma told me a story a couple of years back, of how they got snowed in where they lived before. Grandpa had to leave for work by climbing out the second floor window and ski to town. The snow reached second floor in height.  I don’t remember for sure if this second part was the same winter, but grandma needed milk for her little baby (my father), and so left him sleeping in the cradle and hastily skiied to town and back to bring the milk, since the milk man couldn’t come.

Their elderly neighbour perished from cold while shoveling snow.


Jeg har ihjel-stekt noen grønnsaker av typen “ymse kål”, kombinert med bittelitt kjøttdeig jeg hadde liggende, chili-powder for days, og brukt denne som basis for tre dagers måltid. Først som pizza-fyll (med masse ost, og tomat- + paprikapure), idag som det samme, men med knekkebrød istedenfor pizzabunn. Tror også jeg lagde litt makaroni igår, og blanda tomat- og paprikasausen med dem. Grønt på toppen. Det så ærlig talt ganske fult ut, men smakte jättegott.



I’ve been watching TED talks about “how to interract with Norwegians” and I`ve actually learned so much.  About myself, but mostly about things that I find hard to explain to other people. Social interraction is a whole other language, and it varies all over the world. Less easy to explain than spoken language, but still important.


2017 skal jeg prøve å gjøre til det året da jeg brukte de kreftene jeg har på å få til noe. Anything.  Jeg leter fremdeles etter et godt ord å oversette “spite” til, som passer med hvordan jeg gjør mitt beste på å motivere meg selv til å få til noe “out of spite”.  Det nærmeste jeg kommer er “å gjøre det på pur faen”.  Så langt har det fungert ca 6 av 10 ganger, hvilket er langt bedre enn tidligere.

Alt er bedre enn äckliga 2016, men jeg håper ærlig talt at all gørra som har bygd seg opp nå kan brukes til noe litt bedre og langt mer produktivt.