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I am doing well enough.

Just got back inside from my morning sunrise picture escapade with fingers so frozen I used hot water to warm them AND BOY SHOULD I HAVE NOT DONE THAT.  Sometimes I tend to forget the hard lessons learned in childhood. Pro tip: When you’re really cold, be careful with warming up too quick. It is incredibly painful, and can be harmful in extreme cases. The pain is usually enough of a deterrent, tbh.


I am very hungry. Decided that I would try to make oatmeal for breakfast today… if I can remember how, beyond the very basics.


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I turned my hours back around yesterday (to a more beneficial sleeping schedule, that is), or so I thought. Even after a long and very hard day of work (carrying a lot of heavy things from 1 to 10 pm with nary a break), I went to bed around midningt, STILL unable to fall asleep before 3.  And I`m still very much awake tonight. So, I`m up reading. It’s not the best choice, but rather that than the tiny panic attacks that sometimes follow sleepless nights.

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