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I just finished watching the Golden Globe Awards (which I had taped so I could fast-forward a lot), and it was hilarious.  Am now currently sorting through another load of my audiobooks.  (I was supposed to finish Dracula for Friday, but decided against it when I realized it was 18 hours long.  Plus, I did go through an abridged version last week, as well as the whole thing last year (or was it the year before?) so I feel fairly safe I’ll remember what is needed for class.)


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  • It’s a beautiful day outside, finally. Sunshine and fresh air.  I`m sitting inside, covered in blankets and refusing to move.  #FirstWorldAss
  • T’was so cold out today that every time I would breathe in through my nose, the outer parts of my nostrils would freeze.  #ScandinavianWinter 
  • Reading Mary Shelley’s #Frankenstein and remembering how I loved it back in my younger days.  How I got through it all is a mystery, though.
  • Finished reading #Frankenstein today.  Still haven’t figured out why I loved it so much as a child. I was one weird kid.  #srsly#LoveThatBook
  • My hair smells like fish, flowers and farts. What the hell have I been cooking??  #iDontEvenKnow #TMI #ThisIsWeirdingMeOut

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I filled in my table-shelf today.

At first it looked like this:


But I figured that I might as well stuff all the other books in there while I was at it, since space is a rare commodity when you live in a small apartment.


Then I changed my mind about some of the placements and reversed or otherwise changed them around.  It looks much better like this, I think.


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I bought (and made) myself a fancy-schmanzy lunchbox for tomorrow:


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…actually no.  As I`m lying here on the blue couch at/in grandma’s house, listening to Gangnam Style, I find it exceedingly difficult to be serious.  I`m tired and a bit brainless (it feels as though someone’s stuffed cotton between my brain and gray-matter), but I`m pretty content.  Being content is how I want to stay.  It’s almost better than being happy, because happiness usually fades quickly or gets replaced with something negative.  I like staying in the middle, or slightly above, since it’s more balanced here.

Anywhoozle, I have been trying all day to write stuff here, but I keep getting distracted.  My computer is slower than a snail on weed, and YT-videos are laggy AT BEST.  I`m starting to suspect it’s actually my Internet connection and not the computer, as I usually fix the laptop fairly quickly.  This is a bore, I have no energy to go get my movie-box downstairs, and without Internet I feel like the world is colder than Narnia under the reign of The White Witch.  But still unable to blog, clearly.  I have lots of stuff that I want to tell the world, but silence clings to my apron-strings.  I just really hope I get to sleep tonight.

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I`ve had pain in my right ear for a couple of years now.  It’s on and off, but usually comes in cold weather, which is why I try to keep my ears covered most of the time (headphones are great for that).  I don’t know what is wrong, if it’s the cold or something completely different, but it won’t go away and I don’t know what it is.  I am not troubled enough to go to the doctor, but it is very annoying when the pains start waving.  Anyways, maybe someday I`ll check it.

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