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I just came down from the roof, where I’ve been walking around with an audiobook and a delicious apple, enjoying the Easter sun.


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Toning down most of your complaints and the wishes for all the things you want to do and to be (because you’ve realized that you could do most of it if you only worked for it, and also realizing that you are not willing to work for it) and then realize that’s why you don’t have much left in common with most of the people around you.

Complaining about stuff and then doing nothing about it seems to be the common form of social interaction.  Let’s complain about that.

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Snow Sun


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  • Do you ever think about what people would think of you if you suddenly died today, and they judged you post mortem by your room?
  • Because I tend to think about that quite often, usually on my way to take a shower (slippery floors scare me) and have to hide stuff away.
  • (Not that hiding stuff under my pillow would help if I actually joined the choir invisible whilst shampooing, but it’s almost instinctual.)
  • That reminds me, I really need to vacuum this place down before the dust bunnies join together and start a revolution/musical.  #ViveLaFloor

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Snow Cloud


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So I was writing my exam paper last week, for the first time completely alone whilst writing, and I decided to get up a little bit earlier than usual so I could use the sunlight for extra motivation. (PS, it works.) I also went ahead and had coffee on those days, but luckily I managed to keep the migraines at bay come Saturday and no more coffee.

Buuut I also ate a lot of chocolate during those days of horribleness. (This is exactly why I still keep a chocolate stash in my room, even though I quit eating candy (while at my own place) a year and a half (!!) ago.)  Thing is, after those days of stuffing my face with whatever I craved, I now have to deal with the aftermath-cravings.

It’s not called an addiction for nothing.  I count myself very lucky for knowing the signs well enough not to give in to “just a little bit”.  It’s constantly there, in the back of my mind, trying to push me over. Not helping is the fact that I have another paper due this Friday.

Gah, this turned into a lot of words. Sorry about that.  I just had to get it out there, somewhere, before it eats me alive.  (Oh, the irony.)

Btw, I will fight this, I just needed to vent.

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