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img_6372Made myself some delicious veggie sushi rolls!  I’ve never made anything with nori seaweed before, so the whole experiment was really all about figuring that out.

I used lots of carrot, paprika, some green onion stalks, fried eggs, and various green herbs from the garden.

What the first roll lacks: Soy sauce, celery, radish (from the garden) and maybe some white onion.

Note for the future:
Do not prepare rolls when the rice is still hot.  The smell gets a bit strong.



The second roll has less rice in it, but also a bit more of everything else. Plus the radishes and soy sauce. I also added some sausage on the side to taste. It was all quite delicious, but I still wish I had any kind of celery, and could fit even more carrot into the rolls.

I wonder if portobello mushrooms would be too much at once. Or if I could roll the whole thing without using rice, and rather have that on the side.  To be honest, maybe the whole thing should just be made into bite-sized side-dishes with rice.  Or just a salad.


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I just realized that this pic makes it look like this is my daily intake or something, hah!  No no, this is about two weeks worth of shopping, more or less.

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So I was writing my exam paper last week, for the first time completely alone whilst writing, and I decided to get up a little bit earlier than usual so I could use the sunlight for extra motivation. (PS, it works.) I also went ahead and had coffee on those days, but luckily I managed to keep the migraines at bay come Saturday and no more coffee.

Buuut I also ate a lot of chocolate during those days of horribleness. (This is exactly why I still keep a chocolate stash in my room, even though I quit eating candy (while at my own place) a year and a half (!!) ago.)  Thing is, after those days of stuffing my face with whatever I craved, I now have to deal with the aftermath-cravings.

It’s not called an addiction for nothing.  I count myself very lucky for knowing the signs well enough not to give in to “just a little bit”.  It’s constantly there, in the back of my mind, trying to push me over. Not helping is the fact that I have another paper due this Friday.

Gah, this turned into a lot of words. Sorry about that.  I just had to get it out there, somewhere, before it eats me alive.  (Oh, the irony.)

Btw, I will fight this, I just needed to vent.

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In honor of my new eating habits during lunch-time.  (Apples not included.)

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I bought (and made) myself a fancy-schmanzy lunchbox for tomorrow:


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A good morning to you, though I am unsure as to whether it is morning or not. It’s just past midnight, after all.  But I just got up after a long day of sleep, because there was a mosquito buzzing around my ears.   Do not want!!

Yesterday, there was a light fog of sorts hanging about and being gloomy.  It came from the forests earlier,  I saw sneaking in through the trees and over the ferns while I was out, like a magical mist.  But I was fairly sure it would be another day of glorious sunlight, and no dementors.

Actually, it took quite a few hours more for the sun to come out than I expected.  The fog turned into gloomy & gray skies for a while, but the sun finally broke through like a champion, a little before 11 am.  And by 1 pm, I was unable to stay outside for more than a little while, even if I lay on the cool grass with the wind blowing.  Summer really is here.  I miss spring.

I`m also trying to figure out why I am so extremely affected by certain variations in my diet, and how I can avoid salt better while still making my favorite dishes.  Thank the heavens for cumin, lovage and parmesan!  I would say chili and garlic as well, but those are not at all for everyday use.  Fresh paprika, on the other hand…


Here, have a much nicer sunset from 09.


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If I was anything of a decent writer, there would be a whole article here today.  I have so much to say about preparing stinging nettles it’s not even funny!  Over the years, I`ve prepared a few meals with this special plant as the main ingredient, usually with some help from my dad (who can make a meal out of anything, edible or not).  Nettles are best during their first sprouting (in the spring), when they are still small and quite mild.  If you want the small plants later in the year, just go wild with your land-mower and then wait a week for the plant to grow up again (and again and again).  I`m usually too late for the first generation, but as long as you stick to the 4-6 top leaves of the plants that are shorter than 1 foot (0,3 M) it’s pretty much the same quality.

Oh, and remember to use gloves!  It ain’t called stinging nettle for nothing!  It can give a nasty rash, coupled with intense, itchy pain. Myself, I`m halfway immune to the sting by now, but it still itches.


Today’s dinner was requested by my Gran, the only other person in the family with a taste for weird stuff equal to mine and dad’s.  (I sense a relation to the fact of actual relation..)

It was an easy project, all I had to do was get a bag of fresh nettle-leaves from the garden, and wash’em before boiling.

I added a small dash of Lovage (pic 4) (Levisticum Officinale) on top, because it’s simply delicious added on anything.


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