Sunset 29.09


Sunset 28.09


Sunset 27.09

This time of year is one of the very best times of year.


I`ve been wanting to make/eat apple cake all week.  Actually, it’s more like I`ve always wanted apple cake, but it just recently got a bit more urgent with all these apples taking up space on my tiny kitchen counter.  So I transported most of the before-mentioned apples down to my mum’s place, and we spent the day making cakes and other stuff. 

Eff yeah, delicious apple cake!


I`m going down to mum’s place tomorrow to bake apple cake;  The really delicious kind that I haven’t had in ages, but have been nagging mum for the past week to give me the easy recipe to.  She didn’t want to write it down whenever I asked, but she knows I have a bunch of apples in my too small kitchen, so she suggested I take them with me down there instead;  Which means I get to make delicious apple cake without making a mess I’d have to clean up later without the use of a dishwasher – Win/win!



Fall pavement  @ Fredrikshavn

Taken yesterday.  Used my iPhone 4S as usual.

SPOILERS under the cut for season 1 and 2 of  We’re Alive.

You should totally listen to it before getting spoiled by my theory, yo.

No, seriously, it’s really good.  Go listen to it right now.


Ok, here goes..

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