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 Last time I checked, plums were not supposed to be larger than peaches.

And these things are the size of APPLES.


Sunset 29.09


Sunset 28.09


Sunset 27.09

This time of year is one of the very best times of year.


I`ve been wanting to make/eat apple cake all week.  Actually, it’s more like I`ve always wanted apple cake, but it just recently got a bit more urgent with all these apples taking up space on my tiny kitchen counter.  So I transported most of the before-mentioned apples down to my mum’s place, and we spent the day making cakes and other stuff. 

Eff yeah, delicious apple cake!


I`m going down to mum’s place tomorrow to bake apple cake;  The really delicious kind that I haven’t had in ages, but have been nagging mum for the past week to give me the easy recipe to.  She didn’t want to write it down whenever I asked, but she knows I have a bunch of apples in my too small kitchen, so she suggested I take them with me down there instead;  Which means I get to make delicious apple cake without making a mess I’d have to clean up later without the use of a dishwasher – Win/win!



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