Thoughts are getting more and more locked up inside, my concentration is pretty much obliterated, and all my blogs are more or less frozen.  The only writing I still feel capable of is the limiting 140 characters of Twitter, and reblogging stuff from other people at Tumblr.  I could probably close Skype and it would make little difference.  And all the while, I sit here staring at a blank screen or a piece of paper (or even a face) with a head filled with noise.


there’s so much noise 


So, I`ve been testing out Storify to find out how I can use Twitter together with my blog, and it was totally awesome. But then I just now found out that I can do the exact same things here.  It’s even a tiny bit easier than in Storify.  I need some sound effects for being totally exasperated, here.  Can you feel my exasperation?  It is so massive I cannot even figure out how to write it down.  I`ll just say it again, I am completely exasperated with this business.


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A lil’ past midnight

Dyna mi er i tørketrommlen fordi den har blitt vaska to-tre ganger det siste døgnet etter at katta PISSA på senga mi igår kveld. (Katta slipper ikke inn i huset igjen på en stund for å si det sånn.)  På den SPLITTER NYE dyna mi, den fine jeg fikk til jul som jeg har hatt masse glede av de siste to ukene!


Ettersom dyna kommer til å bruke minst et døgn i tørketrommelen på å bli tørr (og min gamle dyne var for kald til å kunne sove godt i) så har jeg lånt meg en skikkelig dundyne for de neste dagene.  Den kom helt tilfeldig på markedet nå nylig, ettersom mesteparten av et soverom ovenpå har blitt byttet ut med nyere møblement.  Hvordan noen kunne bytte ut to flotte dynduner forstår jeg meg ikke på, men de kom raskt nok i bruk annetsteds.

Dundyna jeg låner er litt kortere enn min, men minst like god (og definitivt bedre enn min gamle dyne som jeg brukte igår) og varm, så jeg er ikke lenger like forbanna.  Håper bare at den fine splitter nye dyna ikke tar skade av all vaskinga og tørkinga den må igjennom.  Har satt den på skånsomt program selv om det står at den tåler 60 grader.



A tiny snippet from my end of the conversation currently taking place elsewhere:

* I cannot
* Speaking of cannot, I can not stop reading and it’s now 4 AM
* Incidentally, this is also the name of Chapter Fourteen of my autobiography.



  • I woke up wayyy too early, and therefore have a small headache.
  • There’s a storm blowing outside; it seems to be tearing the house apart.
  • I found doughnuts upstairs;  the good kind, not the American giant kind.
  • I forgot that I braided my hair into a small circled crown last night, so when I saw myself in the mirror first thing in the morning I felt like friggin’ Frigga with my little golden coil.
  • Warm doughnuts are the absolute best.
  • I`m so exhausted and lazy that I wasn’t even going to finish this sentence but then my alarm clock went off.

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